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Here are some reactions from clients and viewers on various projects I have done.

Melenie Crowe Dance Company
My partner introduced me to Nick in 2006 when I was choreographing a Contemporary Dance piece for the Melbourne Fringe Festival. Photographers have always intrigued me and for me add another element to my work. They can capture the very essence of a dancer and choreographers' thought in just one click. I have worked with many film makers and photographers throughout the U.K and Europe, however, Nick has something more than the standard. He manages to think outside the box and his photographs of my last show at The National Theatre in St. Kilda proved that creative detailed eye that he possesses.
Melenie Crowe - 2007, Australia

The Toy Heroes Collection
A while back, I was recommended by a friend to get in touch with Nick to take some photos of my band, and to date, I've now commissioned Nick to work on 3 other photography projects for me. I'm not an ‘arty’ person and have no idea about the technical wizardry behind his work. What I do know however is what I like, and that is exactly what Nick has produced each time. His visions are stunning and he has always refused to sign off his designs until I was 100% happy with them – the sign of a true professional. He clearly lives and breathes photography, and his enthusiasm is infectious. I will be keeping an eye on him closely in the future…. I expect big things.
Stephen Jordan 'Jud' (Guitar & Vocals) - 2005, UK

The Don's Mobile Barbers Portfolio
Nick took great photo's that reflected the sound and feel of our music but keeping us fairly unrecognisable.. which is exactly what we wanted!
Mat Bartram (Drummer & Keyboards) - 2004, UK

What is it?
wow.....I love it.....I think its a persons shoulders and neck at the top under a crumpled blanket....I'm sure its not, but that's what I see.... A guy stretching out beyond the picture....with a blanket thrown over him he's totally contented but perhaps not.... we just don't know!
Tasha Ferrari (Professional Photographer) - 2004, UK

Interference Latest....

A new collection of pictures I call Interference is currently showing at the Brunswick Street Gallery in Fiztroy, Melbourne, Australia.

I created these last year on a shoot with fellow photographer Bronwen Hyde who did a fantastic job of modeling and helping me
explore the idea.

The exhibition runs from the 4th - 27th June. If you fancy a glass of wine, come along to the Opening night on Friday 4th June from 6pm.

Gallery opens 7 days a week 10am - 10pm.

Other bits...

Framelines Edition #8. Follow my work in 'What We See', my section that brings part of the magazine back to Melbourne. This time I found myself looking down into the reflections of the puddles created by the rain..... My personal favorites - Pic 01, Pic 02, and Pic 03. For more information on my articles click here or please visit Framelines Magazine.

Apollo Bay Music Festival. This time I had my earplugs in as I was allowed 'access all areas' to this pumping front row seat. Check out new shots for The Vasco Era, +2, +3, +4, Illzilla, +2, +3, Robyn Hitchcock & the Venus 3, +2, +3, Dirt River Radio, +2, Flacco & The Sandman, and Felicity Urquhart. Enjoy!

Free brushes! If you fancy a playtime, have a look at some of my home made Adobe Photoshop brushes. Click here for a high and low resolution collection.