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A quick breakdown of news, competitions etc.

Jan 2009 Coverage of the Summer Noise Festival, Melbourne, Australia. L P Sept 2008 Picture This 08 (shortlisted) at the Brunswick St Gallery, Melbourne, Australia. (2 entries) P L Jun 2008 Interview spotlighting 'The Shore' with Frame Lines Magazine, Australia. M Apr 2008 Coverage of the Apollo Bay Music Festival, Victoria, Australia. L P Nov 2007 Urban Trace goes live at Gasworks Gallery, Melbourne, Australia. P Nov 2007 Urban Trace interview with Beat Magazine, Melbourne, Australia. Nov 2007 Urban Trace article with Leader News, Melbourne, Australia. L Nov 2007 Won a place in the Leicester City Gallery's 19th Open Exhibition, UK. (2 entries) P P Aug 2007 Finalist in the London Photographic Awards, UK. (Urbanscape Category). L Jan 2007 Pictures from 'The Shore' up for sale in the Dixon Gallery, Apollo Bay, Australia. L Oct 2006 Exhibited 'Handy & Perfect S' With the Hype Gallery in Berlin, Germany. Sept 2006 Won a place in the Leicester City Gallery's 18th Open Exhibition, UK. (2 entries) P P Sept 2006 'Look Differently' Put on permanent exhibtion at Nomads Industry Hotels, Melbourne, Australia. Sept 2006 Finalist in the London Photographic Awards, UK. (Still Life Category). L Jan 2006 Agent representation from Vanilla Art Consultancy, UK P Nov 2005 Double Prize Winner at the Leicester City Gallery Open 17 Exhibtion, UK. (2 entries) Oct 2005 Photographs Published on the BBC website. (2 images) L P P Sept 2005 Began teaching 'Digital Photography & Image Processing' with the Richard Attenborough Centre at Leicester University, UK. L P Apr 2005 'Open Image' continues to the Surface Gallery in Nottingham, UK. M P Feb 2005 'Open Image' has it's first solo exhibition at the Leicester City Gallery, UK. P Jan 2005 Article release in the Leicester Mercury, UK. Dec 2004 Commissioned for the Artwork on the album cover for the 'Toy Heroes' third major release, UK. (Unity Records) P Dec 2004 Press release from Leicester City Gallery, UK. M Nov 2004 Interviewed by Art Students at local college P Nov 2004 Won a place in the Leicester City Gallery's 16th Open Exhibition, UK. (1 entry) P Oct 2004 Commissioned for documentary photographs on the Band 'Toy Heroes', UK. (Unity Records) Oct 2004 Commissioned for the inside sleeve artwork for the 'Don's Mobile Barbers' second album UK. (Cordelia Records) P Apr 2004 Commissioned for live photographs of 'Don's Mobile Barbers' with 'Dios' and 'The Shins' from America. Mar 2004 Commissioned for live photographs of the 'Don's Mobile Barbers' album launch, UK. (Cordelia Records) Nov 2003 Commissioned for documentary studio photographs of the Band 'Don's Mobile Barbers', UK. (Cordelia Records) Nov 2003 Won a place in the Leicester City Gallery's 15th Open Exhibition, UK. (1 entry) P Dec 2002 Provided Art Photography for the 'Women' Exhibition at Leicester Town Hall, UK. Nov 2002 Won a place in the Leicester City Gallery's 14th Open Exhibition, UK. (1 entry) P
Interference Latest....

A new collection of pictures I call Interference is currently showing at the Brunswick Street Gallery in Fiztroy, Melbourne, Australia.

I created these last year on a shoot with fellow photographer Bronwen Hyde who did a fantastic job of modeling and helping me
explore the idea.

The exhibition runs from the 4th - 27th June. If you fancy a glass of wine, come along to the Opening night on Friday 4th June from 6pm.

Gallery opens 7 days a week 10am - 10pm.

Other bits...

Framelines Edition #8. Follow my work in 'What We See', my section that brings part of the magazine back to Melbourne. This time I found myself looking down into the reflections of the puddles created by the rain..... My personal favorites - Pic 01, Pic 02, and Pic 03. For more information on my articles click here or please visit Framelines Magazine.

Apollo Bay Music Festival. This time I had my earplugs in as I was allowed 'access all areas' to this pumping front row seat. Check out new shots for The Vasco Era, +2, +3, +4, Illzilla, +2, +3, Robyn Hitchcock & the Venus 3, +2, +3, Dirt River Radio, +2, Flacco & The Sandman, and Felicity Urquhart. Enjoy!

Free brushes! If you fancy a playtime, have a look at some of my home made Adobe Photoshop brushes. Click here for a high and low resolution collection.